1. Choose the brand

2. Connect with us

3. Document and create a map explaining the DNA of the brand (see template)

4. Develop your own hack

5. Photograph it (and send us photos), perform and embody the brand within your own truth

6. Find a place to host the workshop


During the Workshop


/ Share definitions of Open Source Fashion

/ Explain why we share and define Hacking Couture

/ Explain your mapping. This can be a drawing or a 3-D collage with photographs, be creative

/ Have a discussion. Participants can add to the research if they have relevant information, take a notes and add to your mapping

/ Ask participants to bring recycled materials that they can hack

/Ask them to think and sketch about their designs/hacks

/ Be prepared to hack

/ Have the basic materials for fashion hacking: scissors, sharpies, needles, thread, printer, iron-ons, transfer paper, fabric paint, etc. Arrive with a willingness to try things on, even if you don’t know how to make them

/ As a facilitator, allow participants to make. They will ask you not just for how tos in the sewing machine, but conceptualy how their design relates to the research. You are helping them design and create

/ Keep participants on track. Depending on the time allowed for the exercise, invite them to create manageable projects.

/ Ask participants to model and perform their design inspired by the brand they are hacking. Take photos and videos. Ideally against a plain background.

/ Also take detail shots of creations as their new process may spark an idea.

/ Share the hacks with us and in your site.

/ Share photos of the diagrams.

/ Wear with pride what you have made!